The pantry at my ex agency is tiny.

So small, you couldn't even stretch your arm. But I must say, it was rather complete. Each drink mix are kept in its own jar. And of course, the big Milo tin. Some colleagues are lazy to refill an empty one. They'll just leave the unsealed pack on the cabinet unattended overnight.

One morning, I went in and make my drink. My version of mocha - one third full of Milo, with a teaspoon of Nescafé. No milk,
no sugar, no creamer.

I know, I know, it's Neslo kosong. Leave me alone!

You can imagine how "kau" the... okay, okay... Neslo!... is with that ratio.

The Milo is empty. There's a pack of refill at the side. About a quarter left. I poured them in. And continue to make my drink. Went back to my desk. And enjoy the first morning sip from the foamy top.

There is an unusually big chunk of Milo in it. I took a bite. It was somewhat crunchy. Something similar to prawn, with softer shell. Milo is not like this, I thought.

Took my bin. Spat it out. And looked at it.

I have only half a baby roach left in the bin.

Don't ask where the other half went. And don't ask how it tasted. The Neslo is too "kau" to make a difference.

From then on, every time there's an unfinished refill left if I was pouring it, I'll roll the top tightly, and wrap it with half a roll of cellophane tape. Crisscrossed. Every now and then, I could hear colleagues at the back complain about the top-notch security seal.

I'll just grin at the front.

My other roach encounter.


  1. dude! ur still alive!!

    or dah jadi cockzombie?

    er... that doesnt sound right.

  2. Dim? You love tiny panty? What?

  3. gosh@@ i dont want to imagine it! Cockroach is my worst feared object! hahaaa....

  4. Well, yeah. You know they are near by the smell they emit. Especially in the toilet.

    Thanks for the visit, reanaclaire