An early night

"You're early."

"Wha...? It's after 12!"

"Isn't that early for you?"


I just gave him a hint of smile.

What Father said was true. It was early for the past weeks.

Not good, not good.


  1. Try coming home before 8pm and I dare bet that EVERYone will be asking if you are feeling unwell!!! *LOL*

  2. My father seldom a funny man,Tea. But if that's what he's intended to say... well, yeah.

  3. Dai Gar Je, that's a sure win! No deal, no deal!

    You know hor, I've been working for so many weekends up to a point Father ask if I'm working on the weekend. Even I'm obviously freer that week.

    Mother lagi teruk. At times I step out the door at not-so-odd-times, she assumed I'm heading to the office.

    I'd always countered with, "No!? Go out yum cha!"