The Plan, continued.

"Why are we there again?"

"Okay... you wanted someone to teman you for shopping. Your bros all not free. So... you asked me instead. Later when we were there, Cherry-ty will call me. And what a coincidence! Let's meet up for dinner!"

"hAhAhAhAhAHHAhaHAhAHA... Okay...?"

"Oh! Oh! Oh! The movie that they are watching later?"

"What about it?"

"Remember Cherry-ty asked me to teman her, but I rejected and watched it with my boyfriend? But ended up I watched with you 'cause my boy forgot he has a wedding dinner to attend?
*blah, blah, blah...* (closest replication of what she said)"


"Anyway... that movie you are "supposed" to watch with your bro. But he can't make it. So, instead of wasting the tix, you asked me to teman you! You know lah. I don't want Cherry-ty to feel upset for rejecting her mah."

"... Why it always has to be me!? I'm gonna tell her you rejected her loh!"

"Please lah! Or I'm not gonna help you with Hitam Manis anymore!"

"It's not even related!"

You girls seriously can plan things! And why strategy planners are a male dominated profession? Where the ladies? Anyway, we got to the mall and had a short walk. Then the phone rang. And we paced our way to the Hongkie restaurant.

Yup. She's really sweet.


  1. Who is? Diam-diam? You mean you tasted her?? :P

  2. Ish, ish, ish. Nakal lah you, Dim! Nak kena spanking ni~