Title says it all.

May contain graphic images. Viewers discretion is advised.

Left forearm. Reflection on the mirror.

Right elbow.

Upper shoulder.

Left rib.

Right above the underwear line on the left.

In between the right knee and thigh. Even Ghostface is shocked.

Pinky should be pink. Look at the bulge at the skin crease. This is with gloves on.

10-, 15-feet range shot. Not a finale.

There are many more unmarked ones, but I can feel it under the skin.

My third game. Scarred with my bros.

At least I battled for 5 games in a row and didn't black out.


  1. ye ke paintball marks??? ntah ntah hickeys :P like we dont know you...

  2. nice...very nice indeed...

    obviously you're such a delightful moving target :D


  3. were u taken prisoner and they had u play-executed?

    oh... that last pic, i had something like that and still have the mark after a year.

  4. Dim! Shhh!

    The one above the underwear line are not, I repeat, not a paintball scar. :P

    On a separate note. I've not been in a sex this passionate before. With that amount of hickeys, I'm sure I will die of wild exhaustion. Haha!

  5. We're getting a hang of it, Sarah. Quite a number of kamikazes we engaged in. ;)

  6. We thought of a hostage-situation for one of the round too, Tea. But you know lah... tak shiok lah. We all wanna shoot.

    Oh, yeah. I heard of it. It will stay on if you tak jage makan.

    It was a mistake for getting that one. There were too many stray pellets, and the burst paint was splashing all over the bunker I'm at. The marshal asked if I've got shot. I opened too wide, and too far for him to check. That's when I got hit.