Maybe I'm just tired

Few weeks ago...

I don't want to work through the third weekend. I rushed off as much on Friday so Monday wouldn't be so hectic for Tuesday's preso. It was nearly 4 am (Saturday. My definition is still Friday since I haven't sleep through the day yet).

Hours ago, the last person before me had left. Even Almost Blind who are prone to sleepover left.

Then it came.

Imagine how you call the Anehs at the mamak. "Chuet, chuet". Pouting lips suckling the air. Sounded soft. From the back where the suits are seated.

Oh, come on! Not at this time.

"I'm only here to work. I didn't disturb you."

My back started to tingle from the tip of my ass crack up to the nape. Then to the front of the neck, up to my cheeks. Like I just had sour oranges. I turn and look.

I continue my work. Thought to stay a little longer. This is the first time I felt so uneasy on things I don't believe. I can almost hear my own heartbeat. Nah, I better leave.

Even writing this gives me the same sensation.

Yeah. Maybe I'm just tired.


  1. Well, yeah, Dim. Geli lah thinking 'bout it. Though I've been hearing stories, I hope what I heard that day was just me being tired...