The exhaust is alive!

Some months back, I was tailing this "souped-up" MyVi on the way to work. At the back of its windscreen, there's a large sticker running from one end to the other; I guessed he got it from the shop that modded the car.

peed Racing Exhaust
. Wow. Bold, white font. Slanted typeface, very "racing-look". The "S", is framed in reverse, with a very faint red/pink/maroon (couldn't really make up the colour, and no, I'm not colourblind) square background. It reads otherwise.

Oh, do Pampers come standard with it?

These exhaust guys seriously need to re-brand themselves.

Brands; could make you smile, could make you cringe. Not going too much into details about it, but here's a blog about branding. It's a good read, even if you are not in the branding business.

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