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It's been two weeks since the agency moved.

That is one of the many excuses why I've been slacking off in writing. Packing, and unpacking is a very tiring thing to do, especially when you're juggling between ongoing jobs and pitches.

It was a Friday.

Yours truly is one the first batch that reported to work early in the morning. Yes. Deadlines. My Mac was setup even before the packed cartons arrive. The rest stayed back to oversee the movers with our belongings. Being a social media addict, I posted a pix to preempt the gang before they comes in after lunch.

We took over David in PR's office. They were moving a floor up. Coincidentally, they have a staff count of 23. We have 23 minus the Finance and IT. We, cramped in nicely. They left us a 5-year renovation, and workstations that come with built-in shelves and drawer – David is our sister agency under the same umbrella – you'll get the drift.

Oh. How's my old office looked like?

We've settled down. I have settled down.

I like the new office now.

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