That sweet spot

I am close to our new account manager. She came in to take up The Kiwi account.

Being the lead art director for devouring kiwifruits, I unfortunately, became Jom Joget's favourite. And it's not that we have that many ADs and designers left – did I mention the agency just laid off 8 with immediate effect recently? – beggars can't choose.

We are like the office buddy kind lah. Talk cock, sing song, gossips, and all. She also has the tendency of Instagram-ing random stuffs and tagged us on Facebook. I've lost count how many of my stuffs alone are tagged.

I was having heartburn the other day. Skipped work. Being the kecoh Jom Joget as she is, she wrote on my wall of how she missed me. And for the record, I rarely take sick leave.

Baby all this while never feel comfortable with the taggings. That wallpost, really pisses her off. She came home and told me off. Kena lecture lah. But I'm not even angry at all.

At the end of the lecture, she soften up. Voice lowered. To a point it looked a bit… manja? When I promised her to do something about it, she just nodded… in a very subtle way. Like wanna nod, don't want to nod. Macam yes, tapi bukanIf words could describe her look, I would.

It's a sweet spot I rarely see in her – things I love about this woman.


    Where have you disappeared to? I keep stalking your blog for updates but tarak. Manyak busy kah?

  2. GoldFish! Yes, unfortunately. It's been hell of a ride…

  3. Oh, dear. What has Life put you through this time?

    1. Well... I don't even know where to start. And it's been a while since I write anything. Loosing that inspiration. Let's give it a try, shall we?