The shy thing

The shy thing that we were in has brought us places, on time.

It has weaved through traffics, at times of emergency.

It has scaled countless roads, highways, and potholes, up north in Penang to the south of Malacca. And it will continue to do so at untouched territories.

It has screeched the many tight bends of Ulu Yam and Genting Highlands, in dim lighting.

It has brought us home safely, after venturing into unknown corners.

It has burned rubbers at the speed of over 180, in a short straight.

It has survived numerous traction lost, both on dry and wet.

It has clocked an amazing 300,000 km, and it will clock another 300,000.

The shy thing, is Slow White Poke – a 1991 Toyota Corolla SE Limited – still in its original pearl white.

Remember that.


  1. My mum used to own a Toyota Corolla too but the model before the one that you have. It was sky blue in colour and had no aircon. So she had a fan installed at the dashboard! She sold it in 1990 to her longtime mechanic after using it for more than 15 years. She now drives a 1985 Land Cruiser which is abit of a "boneshaker"; but she totally refused to replace it for a newer car unless new car has manual transmission Adoi!!! For some unknown reason, she doesn't like auto cars. LOL.

  2. Stick shift is the way to go, Andrea! There are things auto cars can't do – assist in braking while downshifting, high-revving for power, and staying awake while playing with it – like in a manual car.

    By the way, older Corollas are making a comeback, especially in the racing/drifting scene. They're much cheaper to begin with.

  3. it's remarkable to have made it to the 300k km mark, though i'm not sure if it'll run another 300k. a car can only go so far & guess you'll soon need to put the shy one to pasture.

    besides, do you really want to drive long distance on it?

    1. I hope the "soon" will be at least another 5 more years, doc. Long distance? Been doing it ever since.

      We've been taught by father to look after our cars since we know what's a car. Warming up/cooling down before/after a drive. Periodically checking water level, black/brake/clutch oil. Air pressure on tyres. And scheduled services at the workshop. All these prolonged the life of the car, or at least, the heart.

      But yeah, older cars are prone to break down. And hopefully, with all the looking afters, it will not let us down. At least not now.