Still breathing.

No. I'm not occupied with love/life/work.

The PC gave way recently. But managed to salvage my files.

My other source of going virtual is at work, my father's computer, Sis' lappie, and the household iPads. Very inconvenient. It's not that the iPads are being used all the time, but writing stuff on it is damn tedious. Anyone of you tried writing a long-winded post with an iPad? You'll get the drift.

The Memoir of an Escort is written with the iPad. This update. So will be the next coming ones. Until I fix my comp. Until I have the cash. Until I have less commitments.

Fuck! Slow White Poke need a fix, too!


  1. I noticed that these days, desktops and laptops are like smartphones. They dun last long. Maybe 3 years max. I just bought a laptop to replace my Macbook which died recently. I made sure that the laptop was a no-frills Dell one. Even that, it cost me almost RM1,700.

  2. Electronics can't last, Andrea. 1.7k is considerably okay for a lappie. Can't get such a price years back.