Yet another quickies

I'm penning this down on B's PC, at her cube, in her office.

For the past month, this is how we spent our weekends together.

Her agency's network is in the midst of conducting training for their new staffs. It's a global alignment - all agencies under the same network will have theirs in their country.  The classes fall on the weekend. A 9-to-4. Not inclusive of extra hours spent on discussions and assignments. To the end of November.

Being in advertising, long hours are given.

Some of the very little time we got to meet up is after work. That in mind, sometimes it's already near midnight, or long after that. And the least I could do in the weekend is to send her to the office, and pick her up after class. Occasionally, lepak in the office when I'm done at my place. Or spend that little short time cuddling in bed.

Yes. I'm longing for a hand-to-hand stroll at a crowded mall, a meal at a fancy yellow lighting restaurant, or even, a movie at a cinema - like all couples do. I know she's looking forward for the same too.

But it's all these quality times that made us appreciate the companion even more.

We termed this, yet again, not sexually, our quickies.

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