There's only so much I can do.

Got a brief for a :15 TVC cutdown. Fifteen! One. Five.

Every part of it is important! The story. The close-up shot. The consumption. And not to forget, the last 3-second of mandatory - product shot, masthead, Facebook page icon, and corporate sign off - and still, client complained there are not long enough!

What's the point of having a 15-second? Might as well do a montage slides than wasting airtime. It's like having sex without foreplay.

We already have a :20 cutdown.

I remember hearing every single person who are involved in this project had at any one time, cursed at it. I'm not aware if I've blurted out any "fucks" looking at the commercial for the 3,564,164.3th time. Under my breath, maybe.

I've timed every single storyboards I've made. If Tissot has a prize for the most presses on the stopwatch function, I could've won something.

Before I bleed my eyes to death, I made a rough cut on my own. Yeah, this is it. Not gonna look at it again.

How does it look? Saying it a quickie was rather underrated.

Imagine you're having one of the most passionate sex, and you're about to reach an intense orgasm, your legs cramp.

Itu macam lah...

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