Job briefs

That's how we talk.

I was poking on Facebook. There's this one girl that caught my eye. So I looked through her photos. Then, her info - it was one of the most detailed profile one could possibly put up. And the thing about me is, if there is nothing better than a mere "Hi!", I wouldn't even bother.

Scanned her details, grabbed 3 lines, and penned a story.

It was short, and I wasn't expecting a reply.

After two days, I woke up with a bitten bait.

What surprised me was when she mentioned, "creative copy" while thanking me. That's a jargon only ad people use... wait, wait... is she in advertising? And I hope I'm not talking to a copywriter, or a suit - they are extremely hostile when art directors write. Being a grammar Nazi is one of it. We also annoy them with our writing to some extend. Some.

She gave me a brief. Came with terms like, "tone & manner", "direction", "big idea", et cetera. Now... she is in advertising! The "client", gave me work on my off day. Come on, lah! But it's definitely a fun to-do!

What's the brief about? Getting to know her better.

I scanned her details again over the week to grasp some ideas, and started writing after couple of days. As I was halfway writing the "ad", "client" changed "brief". Not the first time, though. And I've actually lost count the number of times she changed her profile. After the millionth time, I just fuck it. I wrote the ad based on her initial info, from my memory.

I sent my TV script in a form of a cheesy, 3-minute infomercial.

She bought the idea! And I was required for a preso!

The presentation is held on the coming weekend.

I got the meet-up mixed up. If I can coin the term "meex up", I would.

I was waiting for her at the supermarket. Yeah, yeah, I know! But there's a cafe at the supermarket - I asked the information counter, okay! But the meeting is at a proper restaurant, that goes by the same name!

After half an hour, I thought I was fucked on a date. And the line was so bad I can't even text! Breathe in, breathe in - everything's gonna be fine, Birthmark - now, breathe out, breathe out...

I asked for the WiFi code at the cafĂ©, and dropped her a message in WhatsApp. Fuck! Really!? Wrong place ar!? I grabbed my stuff and paced my way to the Italian. I was so embarrassed. And I think I was blushing. Hope she didn't notice.

It was a great meal! We had a few pints too.

Being me, I was rather quiet - all dates' public enemy no. 1 - but the beers did help.

One chat led to another, she asked about my birthday. In fact, it's just less than a week's time. And since she knows how to cook... a little, I shot my brief to her! Ha! Ambik 'gkau! Backfire!

Nah, I wasn't expecting for a gift. But just toying with the idea of job briefs. You know, a client being a client. A nice one. Well, maybe a little nasty.

Yeah. That's how we talked.