Mad Valley

Recently they blocked the road at the south for the construction of don't-know-what-eco-fuck mall and/or an exhibition hall.

Huge diversion of traffic coming in and out of the ring. For those who are not working here, big confusion as they are hesitant in a life-death situation of should-I-turn-or-go-straight moment. That split second creates a wave effect all the way to the adjacent roads around the area.

Monday, like the title suggests, madness! Mad-madness! It was pouring almost the whole day too.

Half an hour into the crawl, I called up Handsome who an hour earlier asked if I wanna have a dinner / drink as he's stuck in the parking - I declined, my bad. Thought the traffic will be better when I leave later - he has just left the barrier at the exit. I then called As Long As Her. She already tak tahan, and went back in the mall.

It took me almost an hour.

An hour from level 6 to level 4A! The ramp of 4A that is. The ramp to level 4 is just a couple of cars away. I can almost smell the paint on the wall of level 4. Almost.

I swerved out the line and park at the first spot I see. Met As Long As Her at Kim and have a drink, while looking at the almost non-moving line of cars.

We left after 9.30-ish.

Some observations throughout the week.

Tuesday. Where is the traffic? Nice!

Wednesday. What is wrong again!? Even worst! People from G and H aren't allow to move over to the Gardens side of the traffic. One, big round to get to wherever you wanted to go. Glad to have stayed up at the office, looking down at the ants.

Thursday. Where the fuck is the traffic? Is there some sort of a game they are playing on us?

Friday. Too drunk to even bother.

For those of you who wants to come over to shop, don't!

It's a trap in here.

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