Finally, it's all done.

I'm the proud owner of The Home. Mortgage another story lah, of course.

That aside, I'm actually impressed at the professionalism of Tenaga.

No. That was not sarcasm, really.

If you agree, one could loudly say the professionalism in government (linked) departments is a myth - the tidak apa attitude. But after what I have experienced today, it's not an urban legend after all.

Armed with hope, and all required duplicates and forms-filled, we went to the counter only to be disappointed by a system down, halfway processing the transfer. We left the building with a pout and frown.

Barely 5 minutes of driving away from that area, the same staff called. Twice! I missed the first one.

"Our system is back online! You can come back and finished it!"

If you agree again, even if the system is back on, they wouldn't bother to call. Not stereotyping, but true story.

Thumbs up to Ahmad Fazira, if I got the name right. +1 to Tenaga KL-Utara, Sunway Technology Park. And thank you so much for calling back.

On a separate note, I noticed the staffs here are of younger generations. Attentive, and very proactive. Most importantly, also speaks fluent English.

Though good things like these rarely happen, it's worth a pen.

Let this be a record in the Internet.

There is still hope.


  1. found you at Tunku's blog, oh, I am impressed with TNB, all I have read about them is accusing people of curi their electricity by tempering with the meter.

  2. Thanks for dropping by. Yup. We need more people like this.

  3. Well, who would've thought? Looks like there is hope after all.

  4. Be optimistic, Goldfish, be optimistic...

  5. You gave me a bolded name!! I am honoured! LOL!

    PS: The "lol" is a reference to your latest post but my lips are truly smiling, hardly a flat horizon.

  6. I'm glad, Goldfish.

    It for your easy reference - everyone take the effort to drop a line or two, I should at least do something 'bout it. :)

  7. Just peeping in from Doc's blog bcoz was curious about this Tenaga post. Actually, I've have had the same pleasantly surprised experience with Tenaga too, and Syabas when I wanted to transfer the account from my name to new buyer of my house and get deposit back. Done almost immediately. I was very impressed. :)

    P.S: Hope your dad is recovering well.

  8. Thank you for dropping by, Andrea. Wow, even Syabas? I guess they really changed, eh? These departments deserved a second chance, don't you think?

    Father is doing good. Fully recovered. Strong man.