Cannot be

"Eh, bro. I gotta go up for a while. Copy check. Be right back."

" 'kay, man."

I continued to chat with the headhunter.

Yes. Half a Macha and yours truly met up with an agent from a reputable, industry talent agency. They dug my details online weeks ago. We've been so caught up with campaigns back to back, haven't got the time to even breathe until now.

I referred him as my partner. To go as team. The interview was not so much of which big boys has opening, but more of an initial get-to-know. First impression thingy lah.

Half a Macha came back not long after.

"Hey, bro! Mama-san wants to see you!"

"Oh, shit..."

An hour later, I'm back at my cube with a noticeable crescent. I can see Half a Macha's teeth clearly piercing through the dim lights. 12.5 increment for me. Gonna update our salary to the headhunter soon. Anyhow, it's still can not justified the works we have done these couple of years.

We nodded and catch a beer at the end of day. We are still dreaming if we get to step a foot in Brother & Brother abroad.

But did my boss know something's up?

Pure coincidence lah kan?

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