Ever had this sensation before?

When you bump into a stranger who looked like a person you knew, in a place that s/he had never been, does it scare you? (I don't know how else to phrase this).

A sensation similar when you did something bad and got caught. You know, that kecut feeling? Like your heart sank.

Many had this feelings too, given the same scenario.

But why lah?


  1. *jeng jeng jeng* Nope, never had that sensation that you mentioned before *wide-eyed*


    Anyway, if you should know:

    The first is called deja-vu. The second is called a conscience.

    Ok.. so what exactly did you do wrong.. yunno, to give you that kecut feeling?

  2. No leh, Dai Ker Je! I didn't do anything! AHAHha...

    It's definitely not dejavu. But yeah, over the years it happens... dunno lah...

  3. (In a menyibuk mode) sooo, whos that person? ehem ehem

  4. Takda la, Dim... that someone not even a close friend.

    So (in a less sibuk mode), pernah kena before? Hmm?