Today's Special: Dead Meat / 地肉

1 2009 Hell-O Campaign (3/4 fermented)
1 Nihon-go no Niusurataru
1 Video
1 Pitch

Where to get the ingredients:

• This campaign is the last batch for the year 2009~2010 that is available only for the ASEAN region. Will expired early 2011. Use them wisely.
Nihon-go no Niusurataru, or the Japanese Newsletter is an exotic and rare monthly ingredient that is only available in Jeisi Ke-eru. May need a translator.
• Video is a relatively easier-to-get-ingredient. You may get one from a medical supplies manufacturer.
• Pitch is a very seasonal ingredient. The economy may affect the growth of pitch. Chefs cooking skill play a strong role in the movement of the pitch too. For this dish, preferably get a Baker's Pitch.

1. Finely dice campaign into smaller pieces of print ads, pillar ads, wrapper, catalogues, leaflets, flyers and TVCs. Diced print ads will continue to ferment into more press and magazines. May take out some budget. If so, discard leftovers.
2. Marinate newsletter at an earlier time, for over a period of 2 weeks with Nihon-go no Komen and Amanu Mendo. Add 1 or 2 designers to spice it up. Stir with boss. Boss may appear bubbly over time. Listen carefully to the Komen.
3. Prepare video over a storyboard, and leave it as it is for 9 days. Video may turn into ambient over time.
4. Baker's Pitch may required some packagings. Well prepared pack may turn into TVCs.
5. Put all ingredients into a creative mind. Split them into smaller, different ideas. Add some concepts. Add some copy. And some pinches of seasoned Rotcérid Evitærc. May ignore it if doesn't enhance the taste.

Put all ingredients on a frying iMac, and stir with hot coffee. Add servicing and burnt clients to spice it up. Cook accordingly, but don't overcooked. Deadline may taste bitter, and may loose the sweetness of campaign and pitch. Over time, take some samples for the traffic to mock dish. To enhance the look of the dish, colour sep. may be required.

Best served:
Throughout the day. Preferably late nights.


  1. *laughs*

    Hey, this is so clever. I like (*.*)

  2. Thanks, Andrea! More to come...I hope? ;)