A feet long rusty parang

I was robbed at knife point few days ago. Parang to be exact. And it happened right outside my home.

It was about 15 before ten, and I just got back from work. On most days at this hour, neighbours will be outside gossiping about stuffs. There will be cars coming in and out. T
hat night, was extremely quiet.

Crickets seems so close to you.

I couldn't do anything to fight back or even a shout. They came fast. The parang wielding one, pointing it against my abdomen. I could feel the pressure he's applying to it. Any wrong moves I would be seeing my own internals. The other one is searching my whole body for stuffs. The experience wasn't as traumatizing at first, till they about to leave.

That's when the adrenaline start rushing in.

They ordered me to turn around and walk inside the house. I couldn't see a shit what they are attempting to do. They could just slash me right there and then. I couldn't even walk. My legs was basically shaking. And I thought, are they coming in my house? My whole family is inside. Well, they sped off. Couldn't get a glimpse of the bike plate. That was a smart move.

No blood spilled. Lucky for me.

They left me with nothing except my clothes, and some coins. They forgot to check my neck. I am still wearing the chain. The few days after that was so~ tiring and tedious. Police reports. Calling up banks for cards cancellation. Registration department. Calling up the locksmiths to change my car and office locks. Changed house locks. T
emporary barring and reactivation of handphone. Reentering contact numbers...

Sigh. Didn't have good nights.

Indian, or Chinese robbers would have did something big. Banks. Armoured vehicles transporting money. Goldsmiths. Jewellery shops. Containers with goods. Warehouses. If they are small fries, at least they come in a car. Malays? They could only do so much.


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