The day I ran

I ran a lot when I'm a child.

I'm excited about things. The dimension, and perspective is very different then. Need to get to places faster.

I never crawl. I'm the butt-slider baby. You know, babies that slide their butts to get to places? Yeah, the rare kind. Anyone has fetishes for knees? I have a nice pair. Ass lovers, sorry. They are not perky. Look elsewhere.

When I started to walk, it's a shocker.

I was playing with my toys at the living. There's something in me that tell me to get up. So, I pushed my toys aside. Stood up. And balanced myself. I made my first step. Second. Third. Pacing faster after each into the kitchen. Clumsily, but excited.

Can't wait to tell Mother.

"(While pulling her shirt) Mummy! Mummy! I can walk!"

I was not taller than the kitchen top. Mother almost screamed her lungs out. For the millionth times, Mother had tried to make me stand. All I do was just dropped down. And slides away. Mother said I'm afraid, at times, lazy.

I never stop ever since. That evening, I started to explore the house. Going around every corners. Every rooms. Every toilets. Simply a warm up session before the "actual" explorations. As if I already had plans what to do the next day.

Guess you know how Father reacts when he's back.

I was barely thirteen months old.


  1. Barely 13mths and you could walk? Wow! My mum said that I was a chatterbox by 11mths but could only walk when I was almost 18mths!!!

    My daughter, on the other hand, hardly crawl when she was little. Like you, she was a butt-slider; until she decided to stand up and walk all on her own at around 14 months. But the talking part was quite worrying. She hardly spoke until she was 3 y.o when one day, she just opened her mouth and spoke like an adult and never stop since. LOL

    1. Yup. And I started to talk when I'm 10 months old. Check out my post on being a lawyer, Andrea.

      My brother was like your daughter — a late bloomer — both talking and walking. But ended up being more sociable than I am! Ahahahahaha.