The beginning of a long short

No. I'm not a writing material.

I'm not even an expressive kind of person. Not in recent years. I kept too much things to myself. The only journal/diary I remember writing is about the daily things I've did in school, or at home. And that was like, 20 years ago. It stopped not long after. I don't see a point to it.

So. Me? Writing?

I wasn't sure. I was reluctant at first.
My recent broke up had gotten me back into writing. People had suggested me to write about my feelings, if I can't in real life. But this blog isn't rants about how sad I am about the break up. Enough people had done that already. This is basically how I see life. About everything.

But how do I even start?

What should I even write about?

Do people even care what I write, or what other people writes?

Should I reveal myself?

Or should I keep my anonymity?

Well, Mr. Anonymous. For now. And this is the beginning of a long, short thoughts.


  1. to me, theres something sexy about being mysterious and all.

  2. Erm...

    Dim... you make me blush.

    Not being mysterious lah, per se. Just that I didn't tell anyone. That way, I could write freely about them. No limitations. No nothing. If you know what I mean.

    Except for Bro. He blogged longer than me. I did ask him some codings here and there when I started. I think... he occasionally stalk me. :P