Kelapa sakti gila

Kepala sakit lagi.

Well, yeah. A little. The sakit that requires no medication. I refrain from taking drugs at most time. If I can take, no, endure the pain. After all, drugs aren't good for the body.

I was asleep earlier. I'm sure I was. I think I was in the half-asleep-half-awake (HAHA?) stage. And I totally blown it. The worst part is, I can't go back to sleep. Something is mingling in my mind. That? No. I'm so over with that already. Not sure what was it. Maybe the power nap that I accidentally had while watching TV earlier.

Heard thunder. The atmosphere is getting cooler. I haven't smell the rain yet, but it looked like it's gonna rain. And the best thing to do in this condition is to sleep. Which I have no privilege of getting anytime soon.

I think I should make the sheep count me.

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