Who approved this?

LG aired an ad about their new air-cond on radio recently.

It come with some kind of an ionizer system, which can relaxes you. Or so they claimed. That's new. That's a fresh and new approach to sell an over-saturated product. Couldn't find a link or the script to it, but it goes something like this:

Wife was asking the husband to go to sleep because it is already late. And he looked tired.

He refused, as he still have works to rush. He claimed his head is heavy and he felt groggy.

The wife then relate someone she knew who had the same problem as he is.

They solved it by changing their air-cond.

The rest of the dialogue is just the wife telling the benefits of the new LG air-cond.

Seems fine? Right? No, it isn't.

No matter how advanced an air-cond is, it can't solve the work part. He still have to stay up late to rush work. Why would the creative team include this part in?

So, who should I point my finger to? The client, the creative team, or the creative director who gave the green light?

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