Mindfucked chat

Remember my friend, Lei San San?

Besides annoying me with her "questions", another level of her mental torture are the random changes of topic. So fast and prompt, yet looked relevant at first.

We were chatting in Facebook the other day. She was stuck with the template in eBay.

"I still have no idea how to use eBay."

"Explore slowly lah..."

"Have to lor! But if I still don't know, can I ask you?"

"Er... I don't even know anything about eBay. I can't help much..."

"I mean, I will use Adobe to do the layout. If I still don't know, I'll ask you."

Oh! So she's asking about Adobe lah! Then this came right after.

"I send photo to you, okay?"

"Er... okay?"

She sent it through Whatsapp while still chatting in Facebook. So, I guess I'll have to transfer the photo from my phone to the computer before I can do any touch up?

"I got that. What you want me to help with?"

Oh! She just wanna share her baby's photo lah...

Really? I mean, really?


  1. Exactly!

    Bu... bu... but... aren't you... a woman too, Goldfish?

  2. Dun dun dunnn!

    *suspicious prairie dog video*

    Naw, I *am* a woman, Birthie! No worries. Just that I don't disagree that we women get a little weird with what we say, what we want to say to say and REALLY say.

  3. Women should think more like you, Goldfish. If only...

  4. HAHAHA! Yes, if only...
    Guess it paid to grow up with two brothers who point out when my mum and I are not making sense!