Ant 1, Me 0

We have a bigger pest problem at this place.

Not rats, but ants. At least is was a problem for me. I hate ants. Not phobia, but they just send shivers down my spine even by just thinking of it.

I don't see a single one the first few months I'm here. Not until the ex-producer left some months back. I noticed them after she packed. It is said that ants make nest at the weirdest place.

I've seen them in Father's old jogging shoes. *Goosebumps*

Under a piece of untouched wood plank. *Shivers*

Old, thick Oxford dictionaries. *Goosebumps, shivers*

In bags of old clothes. *Goosebumps, shivers, goosebumps, shivers*

In long, untouched corrugated boxes. *Goosevers, shibumps*

Found them in the computer's motherboard! *Bumpsgoose*

And here,

Shot this during the recce at Pullman, Putrajaya.
They are a centimeter in length!

Every now and then, I would see stray ones crawling lost in their track. On our desks. Monitors. Into our mugs - oh, come on! I've only gulped half. Under the stack of layout pads. Inside the keyboards. On our arms. Everywhere! *Goosebumps*

I've lost count how many I've killed along the way. It's those species that emit a kind of smell.

The ex-producer's place is in front to the left of my cube. The ants spread onto Diam-Diam's, More Than a Cycle's, and Aunty K's place at the back of us. Diam-Diam for numerous times blamed I brought them back to the office. She still does.

Now the whole office seems to be infested by them. Aunty K brought us some poison granules. It worked only for a while.

How do I get rid of them lah!?


  1. there was one crawling in my pants the other day.

    *shivers* by the thousands.

  2. Spray bleach (Clorox) all over before you leave the office for the day. I find this to be the most effective way to get rid of ants. If u find the smell overpowering, then u hv to do it the old-fashioned way - track the nest and destroy. For me, if I see a row of ants walking, I would spray on all except one. I expect that sole survivor to go back to nest and warn everyone to pack up and go to *ahem* neighbour's house instead *laughs*

  3. blood curdling shrieks*

    I dislike ants.

    Your title reminds me of a friend I called Ant1. His name is Antoine, but we call him that. A blue-eyed French Canadian that melts all girls heart when he stares. Curly hairs and beautiful set of teeth. Hmmm....

    Where was I? Oh the ants. Yeah I dislike ants. Of any kinds.

  4. Aiyu, Jeje. I cannot tahan Clorox smell leh... but worth a try if we can find the nest.

    There were no trails, by the way. Only few at a time. They are more like... scouts?

  5. Yeah... ants. Jangan serong ar, Dim. :P

    That makes us the only haters of ants. Sworn enemy to them. :D