Long ride #1

If it isn't for GoldFish, I wouldn't be coming in here. And for that, I thank you for buzzing me. No prize, yeah?

How long has it been? 8-freaking months… a child could have been born! I don't even know where to start. The next best thing to do is to cross-check with Facebook – chronologically correct, at the very least.

Baby and I went to our first concert - Metallica! Thanks to Half a Macha to spare us the free tix! Shy to admit, it was my personal first, too.

Back at work, we did the largest activation of its kind for The Milk last October. Not too proud of the project, though – adaptation and localized from the Thai counterpart – client's directive.

Having to do not-so-good work, you need better work to keep you sane. Glad to have churned out a good regional campaign idea for The Kiwi with Little Pinay – portfolio worthy! Regional being .my, .sg, .id, .th, .vn, .ph, even the home country of kiwis, .nz! I'm just lazy to type all the countries out lah! But keep an eye for the yellow kiwi ads June onwards.

On a separate note, Baby's client, The Wheat Cereal, has numerous times praised "the agency" that handled The Kiwi did so well in selling a boring product. It will be a benchmark for their ATL agency. I know, right? I'm so full of myself. *grin*

At least I left a name and a blazing trail.

Yes. I left The Agency in January…

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